AI in education: the innovative tools you need to know

The field of education is prey to the proliferation of artificial intelligence. These tools are revolutionizing learning techniques today and allow learners to better assimilate their course and easily solve scientific problems. But what are these AI robots that facilitate education? This article presents some of them to you.


Gradescope, is a machine learning platform put online by the American technology company. Since 2014, the company has offered a variety of AI-based tools to facilitate training within higher education establishments. Visit for more details. Scope is one of the company's tools that allows teachers to scan and grade homework, exams and quizzes. Gradescope AI has the ability to detect the most common errors in homework. It can also provide personalized feedback for students and provide detailed reports for teachers.

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Benefits of Scope in education

Generating homework and taking care of correction is a big task that Scope relieves teachers of. It actually saves time and makes them more efficient. With automatic correction and personalized comments, they can take care of other, more useful tasks. They can also spend more time with their learners to teach their course better.

Scop also facilitates individualized monitoring of learners. By providing detailed reports on students, it allows the teacher to keep an eye on their progress throughout the year. It is thus easier to identify learners who are less reactive as well as areas for improvement among them.

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Also, for monitoring learners, Scop’s AI can identify various errors that teachers might miss in learners’ output. The teacher can thus write comments that are more precise and more useful to students.

The limits of the Scope tool

The GradeScop service is accessible subject to a certain subscription. This requires a cost which can represent a barrier for certain schools. The artificial intelligence of this platform is further designed for specific types of questions. It may not be suitable for all types of evaluation, which poses the problem of a lack of flexibility in the use of the tool.

The Knowji vocabulary application

An AI-based intelligent teaching assistant, Knowji is a tool offered for vocabulary learning. It offers a fairly attractive application, but also one of the most effective for teaching the language. The latter indeed offers entertaining content through which users can discover scientifically approved methodologies. The learning platform further integrates a memory coach that facilitates and ensures that learners memorize every word they learn.

The tool also follows a progression for each word and most frequently brings back those which caused difficulties for learners. With its repetition algorithm, the tool can also anticipate the ideal time to send word reminders to users. He does it exactly at the moment when he feels that they are losing the thread.

MathGPT PRO, the online math teacher

Do you want to solve your math problems more easily? MathGPT PRO is there solution. The AI tool is a math tutor. It can solve complex math problems and generate step-by-step explanations. MathGPT PRO can also help students understand math concepts and optimize their problem-solving skills. It thus allows learners to develop logical thinking as well as their reasoning. Another thing, the tool can generate animations and graphics to guarantee interactive learning.

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