How to create a Zen space with the calm of grey tiles?

The hectic pace of everyday life can leave us breathless. That's why it's essential to create a personal sanctuary where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Grey tiles, with their soothing shades and versatility, are an ideal choice for creating a Zen space in your home. This guide will take you through every step of the process, from selecting the right tiles to adding decorative elements for the ultimate relaxing ambience.

How do I choose the right grey tiles?

There are a multitude of factors to take into account when choosing grey tiles on this web link.

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The first step is to choose the shade of grey that matches the ambience you want to create.

Homeowners looking for a bright, soothing atmosphere should opt for light shades such as pearl or ash grey. These shades are perfect for small rooms or spaces with little light.

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On the other hand, if you're looking for a more masculine ambience with a pleasant feel, dark tones such as anthracite or slate grey are an excellent choice. They can also be used to create a lovely contrast with white or light walls.


The tile format is also an important consideration.

Large format tiles (60x60 cm or larger) are perfect for creating a slim, minimalist look. They are also easier to clean and maintain.

Small format tiles (10x10 cm or less) can bring something original and textural to your space. They are particularly suited to walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens.


Two main materials are used for grey tiles:

  • Porcelain stoneware: Porcelain stoneware is a hard-wearing material that is easy to maintain. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchen and bathroom floors.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is a more fragile material than porcelain stoneware, but it offers a more traditional look. This makes it perfect for walls and floors in living areas.


Finally, you need to choose the finish for your grey tiles.

The matt finish is sober and elegant. It is also less messy than a gloss finish.

A gloss finish enlarges the space and reflects the light. So it's ideal for small rooms or spaces with little light.

Tips for a Zen atmosphere

Creating a Zen space is not just about choosing the right tiles. It's important to think about the environment as a whole to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and well-being.

Natural materials

Incorporate elements of wood, stone or bamboo into your decor. These natural materials create a feeling of warmth and well-being. They contribute to a more soothing environment.

Natural light

Choose large windows to let in natural light. This enlarges the space and creates a brighter, happier atmosphere.

Green plants

Add a touch of life and freshness with green plants. They also have air-purifying properties, which is an added bonus for a zen space.

Scented candles

Diffuse relaxing scents such as lavender or vanilla to create a soothing atmosphere. Scented candles help to create a softer, more intimate atmosphere.

Soft music

Promote relaxation by playing relaxing music or nature sounds. Sound has a major impact on our mood and can help us to relax and unwind.


By following the advice in this guide and giving free rein to your creativity, you can transform your space into a truly pleasant place to live. Grey tiles, combined with well-chosen decorative elements, will enable you to create a Zen environment.



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