What are the 6 best AI tools for social media ?

Almost every content creator on social media has already figured this out. It is not wise to do without the power of AI. To do this, they use numerous AI-powered tools to manage their various networks. If you are also a content creator on these virtual platforms, you can adopt them to simplify your task. To help you choose the most relevant ones, we present our selection of the 6 best AI tools of the moment.


On social media, posts with photos generally receive more interaction. This is simply because images capture attention more easily than text. If you are writing long content, it is recommended to illustrate them with pretty graphics. This is where a tool like MyImageGPT comes in. The latter actually helps you create various types of images from textual instructions. To generate an image, simply go to the platform https://www.myimagegpt.com/, choose the style of the image to create and launch a prompt. In just a few seconds, you get a quality graphic, completely royalty-free and usable on all social media platforms.

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On networks, it is also necessary to write posts to interact with your audience. If you have trouble clearly articulating what you have in mind, you can get help from a tool like ChatGPT. The latter can help you write your posts, whatever the subject you are tackling.

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To do this, go to the Open AI platform and describe in your own words the text you want to generate. You then receive a written production that you can perfect and personalize as you wish. The bot can also help you find article topics and titles. So don't wait any longer to try it.


Sometimes what you need to reach your audience is a good video. For this, you can find a good ally in a tool like Invideo. Available in a free version with paid plans, this tool allows you to create video clips from simple scripts.

When you enter text content into the tool, it offers numerous video templates that you can use on your different platforms. Numerous tools are also offered for personalizing the generated content. So if you need an explanatory or advertising video, you know which tool to use.


If you also advertise on social media, having a tool to help you optimize them is important. Adopting a tool like Wordstream is therefore a relevant strategy. This tool harnesses the power of machine learning to optimize advertising campaigns. He can have access to reliable data on which you can base yourself in order to readjust your advertising strategies.

Thanks to its machine learning technology, it can also improve your PPC pay-per-click ads. All of this will allow you to improve your marketing and achieve your goals. So don’t hesitate to integrate it with Google Ads or Facebook.


The brands that succeed are those that are constantly seeking information about their consumers as well as their competitors. This type of information makes it possible to anticipate customer needs in order to satisfy them as best as possible, but also to better cope with the competition. If monitoring interests you, then adopt Brandwatch.

It is an AI-powered tool designed to analyze large-scale data and derive complex insights, statistics and analysis. It derives all this information by tracking billions of online conversations every day. With it, you will be able to understand consumer insights, trends, influencers, and the public's perception of your brand.


The last tool we present is not a simple tool, but rather an all-in-one project management platform. It has both a content generation feature, as well as social media publishing and scheduling tools.

Using this tool, you can create articles, write content, add emojis, generate hashtags. The tool also provides recommendations on publication times in order to have more reach and impact. You can use it to define the scheduling of posts. To improve the online presence of your brand, don’t hesitate to adopt it.

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