To increase the number of underrepresented students (low-income, racial minority, first-generation college students) participating in study abroad programs* by equipping them with U.S. passports and additional tools and resources to help them succeed in our increasingly interconnected world.

The Hardly Home Initiative (THHI) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in Houston, TX. during the Summer of 2016 with an objective of making a difference through travel.  It’s our belief that travel is the best education!  Through travel students are able to gain a worldly perspective and experience cultures and history first-hand. The traveler learns to adapt, plan, budget and additional important life concepts which can’t be taught in a classroom.

Since our beginning in June of 2016 we have provided resources for more than 100 students to receive their own U.S. Passport.  By the end of 2020 the goal is that more than 500 students will have benefited from THHI’s Passport Program and had the chance to experience the life-changing event that is travel.


*Study Abroad Programs: “Education that occurs outside the participant’s home country. Besides study abroad, examples include such international experiences as work, volunteering, non-credit internships, and directed travel, as long as these programs are driven to a significant degree by learning goals.”